What is UberSuggest? 

UberSuggest is one of the top tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing activities. The website provides an extensive analysis of every keyword and allows you to find the perfect one for your niche and traffic. By simply inputting a keyword or keyphrase, users get access to a large list of related phrases with volumes, paid difficulties, costs per click, etc. Besides, you will also see a set of snippets from the top websites with the same keyword. 

The UberSuggest tool is the perfect platform to boost your SEO rankings, get new ideas for the articles, and increase the organic search rates. In addition to keyword search, the website provides backlink and domain score analyses as well as a competition overview. You can add the top web pages that you are competing against and track their scores, rankings, and performance. 

Key Features and How it Works 

UberSuggest is the must-have tool for newbies who do not have much experience with SEO and blog posts in general. The program offers a wide range of techniques and features for keyword exploration, content creation, competitor analysis, and more.

Keyword Analysis

The tool provides an in-depth keyword analysis based on the keyphrase that you choose. Users type in a keyphrase in the search bar at the top and browse through the related data. You can discover the search volume and difficulty to determine the popularity and competitiveness of the keyword, the average price per click, and competition in paid search. As a result, customers receive all the information for the keyword that helps them decide its relevance for their website. 

Moreover, you can expand the list of related keywords to identify the best suitable ones. After selecting the perfect keyword in the sweet spot between popularity and competition levels, you can check out the list of articles with the same phrase. Peruse the largest sources to get some pointers about distributing this type of content. 

Competitor Analysis

After identifying your top competitors based on keyword search, you can go to competitive analysis and investigate their page. Organic words, monthly traffic, domain authority, and a number of backlinks determine the overall performance of the domain. Easy-to-read graphs give a simple overview of visitors and SEO rankings. Competitor analysis gives fresh bloggers a chance to learn from established websites and adopt their best practices. 


Backlinks generate traffic and increase domain authority. Basically, other websites refer to your articles and leave the link to direct more visitors to your domain. Especially when you just begin, your domain authority is non-existing which discourages the Google search engine to promote your posts. Backlinks are the fastest way to gain more authority and incentivize users to go to your page.  Finally, UberSuggest offers a backlink comparison feature that helps you identify backlink opportunities. Users can choose a competitor and discover a list of backlinks paired up with domain authority. This analysis allows you to identify the domains with potential backlinks for your niche. 


There is a free version with limited access to features and searches. The lowest tier is $29 per month for individual use, $49 per month for SMEs with three to seven websites, and $99 per month for agencies and large corporations with over 8 websites. All plans include a 7-days free trial to check out the features.

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