What is Seobility?

SEObility is a much more affordable alternative to SEMRush and entails backlink analysis, SEO features, website crawls, and content issues. The platform will also conduct an analysis of the overall performance and provide you with a list of errors, inconsistencies, warnings, mistakes, etc. that should be changed to improve the website health score. Some mistakes are very easy to fix such as broken redirects due to site migration or article updates but some errors require an in-depth look into the website’s structure. 

Although SEObility can also be employed for SEO analysis and keyword generation, the main focus lies on the technical side of the website performance. The platform will show you the solutions to accelerate the page load speed, to remove competing keywords, and improve titles and meta descriptions. 

Key Features and How it Works 

As already mentioned, the biggest value of SEObility is technical SEO and identifying ways to improve the site performance. Once you get an account with SEObility, you can request a site audit and receive a detailed report. The audit can be conducted with a free plan, however, it will have limited functions. The next tier is $50 per month with a 30-days free trial period which is noticeably more than most platforms provide. Finally, agencies can sign up for an unlimited account for $200 per month. 

Site Audit

The site audit comes back with the overall score based on three aspects: tech & meta, structure, and content. Each segment has its own score and list of errors, warnings, and statistics. For example, in the Tech & Meta section, you will find mistakes about inconsistent redirects,  duplicate page titles, and average response time. The Structure section entails data about competing pages, link anchors, and sitemap insights. Finally the Content part includes data about keyword usage, headings, competing keywords, text quality, and keyword frequency. 


The acronym stands for term frequency–inverse document frequency which sounds complex but don’t let it discourage you. The feature allows you to check the keyword-related words that your top competition uses for the certain search. For example, if you input “build a website”, the secondary keywords will be “website with WordPress” or “website builder”, etc. Using related keywords increases your chances for ranking higher up in the Google search. 


Much like most SEO tools, SEObility also provides a backlink feature. What separates the platform from others is the continuous monitoring that allows you to never miss an opportunity. If the tool detects a potential for a link-building activity, SEObility will inform you so you can get in touch with the site owner and ask them to link to your page. 

SEO Analysis

SEObility also offers a few helpful features to analyze your keywords in the text, titles, headings, descriptions, tags, etc. If you are new to website building, you might have missed a few things in the beginning, and the analysis will help you compensate for it. In fact, you can go through each keyword, check server configurations, and backlink analysis to see how all these aspects affect your website and what should be done to improve the scores.

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