What is Semrush?

Semrush is the most extensive and in-depth SEO tool on the market that is available for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. The platform incorporates every feature imaginable for SEO analysis, digital marketing activities, ad campaigns, content optimization, etc. Semrush will audit your page and come back with a report that shows potential mistakes and errors that damage the site’s health. Moreover, users get access to elaborate explanations of each parameter and indicator, including the solutions. 

Semrush provides competitive research to help users understand the advantages of their competitors. The tool even finds the main competition in your niche and shows you their trending keywords, organic traffic, demographics, and site performance. Basically, Semrush is a full-featured platform that offers every tool and function for driving up your SEO. 

Key Features and How it Works 

To start working with Semrush, you need to get an account and you can begin with a free version. However, the free plan offers a very limited number of features and searches. You can also check out the free 7-days trial period to gain access to more functions and understand their value. The platform is quite expensive though as the lowest tier costs $119.95 per month. The second plan is for medium-sized agencies and comes at $ 229.95 per month. Finally, large marketing agencies can subscribe to the business account that costs $449.95 per month.

Long-Tail Keywords

If you are not new to SEO, you have probably heard of long-tail keywords and their purpose. Basically, when you start a new blog and would like to gain a competitive advantage, long-tail keywords are the perfect tool. It is extremely hard to dominate a new market, especially if it is quite saturated. For example, you can type “marketing tools” which is obviously a highly searched topic, and discover related long-tail words with fewer competitors such as “marketing tools for freelancers”.

Rankings and Visibility 

Semrush also provides an analysis of your most valuable keywords and how they rank in various locations. For comparison, you can also add a few competition websites to see where they rank with a certain keyword. Another indicator that you will notice is the visibility which is calculated in percentages from 0% being invisible to 100% always being in the first position. 

Health Score

Probably one of the best attributes of Semrush is the extensive site audit. The process takes a few minutes and prepares a list of warnings, errors, and notices that will better your website. Some of the items are quite technical and hard to understand for newbies but the platform provides explanations for each indicator with a concrete step-by-step solution. 


Backlinks are crucial for a healthy SEO score and significantly impact your domain authority. First of all, Semrush will recognize the so-called toxic backlinks that should be immediately removed as they drag your domain down. The tool automatically provides you with contact information to reach out to the site owner and request the link removal. If the owner does not react to your request, you can start a backlink disavow process and force them to delete the link to your source. Additionally, you can identify the backlink gap and stay ahead of your competition by determining which domains are linking to your competitors and taking action. 

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