What is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing platform that specifically caters to B2B companies. Marketers who work on multiple projects at the same time have to juggle several accounts and Pardot optimizes the workflow and makes it more manageable. Basically, it is a centralized space with consolidated information about every active account. The platform accompanies the entire sales funnel starting with demand generation and resulting in a successful sale. 

What’s more, Pardot is backed up by the largest CRM solution on the market, Salesforce. The collaboration of these two advanced tools increases sales revenue by 34% and boosts marketing performance by 37%. This centralized solution allows marketers to generate new leads and move them through the funnel all the way up to the sales department. The built-in reporting system helps professionals to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing activities and capture which strategies bring in the highest ROI. Finally, Pardot is a tool that collects and processes large amounts of information to incentivize marketers to make data-driven decisions.

Key Features and How it Works

Pardot is a B2B marketing tool that splits the entire process into short and manageable parts and gives your pointers. The versatility of the suite allows you to discover new leads, convert them into prospects, generate personalized messages, figure out the most promising leads, and ensure a sale. 

Lead Generation

The process starts with lead or demand generation whereby you collect data of the people who expressed interest in your product. What Pardot does is allow users to reveal as much information as they want without forcing them into anything. For example, during the first visit, users only share their names, and during the second session, users are reminded to enter their occupation and company information, etc. This way, you can capture all the important data without discouraging users from using your website. 

Salesforce Integration

Another unique feature is the integration with Salesforce that makes the marketing tool an all-round business tool. The data about user behavior such as whether someone opened the email or clicked on the white paper gives an incredible advantage to the sales team. The sales department will automatically receive a notification when a user completes a form or performs a certain action. These alerts open new sales opportunities and allow marketers and sales reps to create personalized campaigns to close deals.

AI Tools

Finally, Pardot Einstein is an AI powered tool that analyzes the leads and prospects to give you insights into the likelihood of making a purchase. Using large amounts of data, Pardot Einstein notifies marketing and sales teams when a prospect is about to make a purchase. As a result, your teams can focus their energy on these users and avoid chasing visitors with no intentions to buy anything. 


All in all, Pardot helps marketing agencies automate the sales cycle and reduce the amount of manual labor to a minimum. Without spending your energy and resources on chasing after users with no intentions to buy, you can target the most promising leads and increase your revenue. And having a fully-featured suite for both marketing and sales activities allows you to understand the sales funnel on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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