What is Marketo?

Marketo is a marketing automation and lead generation platform based on SaaS. The tool goes above and beyond what other marketing platforms can offer. Using AI algorithms, Marketo supplies businesses with analytics tools for revenue attribution, lead generation and management, customer relationship management, and marketing automation. Regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, Marketo delivers tools for user data collection and analysis to calculate the best way to interact with the audience. 

Mostly focused on small and medium-sized companies, Marketo is highly scalable and can be used by large-scale enterprises like Adobe. The company has acquitted Marketo suite for as much as $5 billion and uses the marketing platform for their sales and marketing activities. Moreover, you can buy an Adobe subscription and get access to the Marketo tool combined with Adobe’s own analytics suite. However, the platform works for a variety of industries like healthcare, manufacturing, media, and technology.

Key Features and How it Works 

Like most leading marketing platforms, Marketo provides a large range of features such as email and social media marketing, website customization and personalization, search engine optimization, ad campaign execution and analysis, etc. But the main focus of Marketo is lead nurturing and lead scoring. 

What is lead nurturing?

The Marketo team believes that the user journey is very important and tries to do everything to help customers succeed. Lead nurturing refers to developing rapport with customers at every stage of the sales funnel. To ensure the utmost success of customer interaction with the product, Marketo’s advanced AI powered algorithms listen to users’ needs and wishes. Using the acquired user information, marketers can understand them better and provide users with the solutions that they require. 

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is the backbone of lead nurturing, according to the Marketo team. The main goal of lead scoring is to pinpoint the moment when the purchasing decision is made. Using this metric, companies can better understand their audience and apply this knowledge to revamp their marketing strategies. The scoring system works like the following: the product is assigned points based on customer behavior. For example, partaking in a webinar is worth five points, whereas searching for Marketo is eight points, etc. 

Additionally, Marketo provides industry-leading AI powered features to analyze customer behavior and make forecasts. The platform offers AI tools that analyze the web and email content in order to predict customer behavior based on historical data. Marketo can anticipate customer preferences and immediately offer the service they need.


Marketo offers a wide selection of 550+ integrations from 20 categories. Besides the aforementioned Adobe, you can utilize CRM systems, sales tools, and social media networks integrations. The integration with Salesforce gives you valuable insights about the most promising accounts and helps you to grow revenue. You can boost lead generation with CRM system integrations like NetSuite CRM+ and SugarCRM. Targeting large numbers of potential users is possible through Facebook and Google integration. 

Marketo is a full-featured marketing platform that can be used by a range of professionals. Besides marketers, the tool can be helpful to sales reps, marketing and commercial executives, product and brand managers, and even marketing agencies.

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