What is CLG?

CLG, also know as Content-led growth, uses blog posts and other content resources to create inbound traffic, promote brand awareness, and also boost outbound efforts. This content-heavy B2B Marketing strategy is now becoming extremely important due to the online habits of today’s potential customers, who often rely on blog posts, white papers, webinars, and other content for their market research.

Blogging Operations

Inbound marketing is extremely crucial when it comes to generating new leads and elevating your business outreach. First and foremost, define your target audience and understand their pain points. Avoid blank and empty statements. These findings should be connected to your technology and its unique selling points. Once all is done, create an editorial calendar and track your progress with Google Analytics.

  • SEO – Search engine optimizations should occupy 75% of your blog.
  • Thought Leadership – Showcase your executives and influencers with these posts.

Content Marketing

While Blogging will help your SaaS business establish an online presence in the long run, you need to create supplementary content assets for instant impact. These pieces should be gated ones to create more MQLs. It can also be a good idea to promote these content assets via paid campaigns. Just make sure you are hiring talented copywriters and designers for the job.

Aim to create at least a couple of the following on a monthly basis:

  • Success Stories – Case studies help create brand credibility and build trust.
  • Whitepapers (WPs)– These technical guides and ebooks are great gated content assets.
  • Infographics – Blog posts  can also be repurposed into informative infographics and data sheets.

Social Media Marketing

Your Social Media accounts will make or break your B2B business today, regardless of the stage your company currently is in. Your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages need to be updated thrice a week. Not creating enough new content? It’s a good idea to re-distribute old assets and also join discussion groups. All your company members should be proactive and share content on an ongoing basis.

  • Political Marketing – Leverage global events or social causes to penetrate the market
  • Holiday Marketing – Create campaigns around peak seasons
  • Influencer Marketing – Connect with influencers and experts too create more traction

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is serious business and it’s more than just sending a monthly newsletter. You need to display your best content and make sure it’s reaching the right people. When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s all about educating and nurturing. Emails need to be with zero-fluff and sharp CTOs. Got great blogs posts? New success stories? Amazing infographics? Use them for accelerated CLG.

Video Marketing

Google-owned YouTube is a true force and you need to act accordingly to make your content shine. Plat informative product videos in all key webpages and try to plant some webinars or event recordings into blog posts. All videos you are creating internally or with influencers should be uploaded and distributed relentlessly on your social media pages. Consider promoting these posts with funded campaigns.

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