The method of case study has originally emerged in clinical medicine and has proven to be so successful that it has made its way through other disciplines. This method allows for a cost-effective yet in-depth insight into a topic. Basically, companies themselves take a deep dive into their operations, performance standards, activities, etc., trying to identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

What are Case Studies?

The case study is an intensive report of a certain event, person, or group of people. In different areas, for example, legal, social, psychology, and marketing, it could be a certain problem the organization had been faced with at some stage of its activity. This method is used in an educational approach that focuses on the students in order to apply their theory to a real-life situation. 

The case study can be used both independently and in a group, collectively, and does not have a single correct solution. The main purpose is to encourage its participants to express their points of view and come to the best possible solution.

Key Benefits and Uses of Case Studies

In marketing, the case study method is used to analyze in detail how a particular company works to achieve its goals, and, accordingly, it is applicable to all enterprises that want to improve and gain success using real experience. Using this method, an entrepreneur can find out what they need to do in order to achieve the desired result, and what possible problems they may face.

Lead generation through authority establishment

For example, the owner of an agency believes that their marketing professional has not covered the entire market and wants to attract potential customers and increase the volume of orders and income. This company has a website, so the marketer decides to make it more useful and presents the company in the most advantageous way by drawing up a case: describing the tasks assigned to employees in specific orders, work stages with a detailed description of the materials and technologies being used, demonstrating a professional approach to work, and the results. All this ultimately will help potential clients make a choice in their favor. 

Accessibility through the description of real-life situations

The real cases are more trustable because they make it possible to assess the level of professionalism of employees and understand the peculiarities of building strategies in the projects’ implementation, the validity of the cost of services or a product. So this case will not only draw attention but also convince the potential customer that the company’s employees are the top-notch professionals who know their job and are able to provide the result needed.

Usable data to improve the internal marketing activities

The task of the case study is to demonstrate a service or product in action, to present convincing answers to all objections of a potential buyer, to convince the client of the need to purchase the company’s goods. The case is used to more effectively promote the site, any services or product. In addition, it is an opportunity to analyze the work of your company and evaluate what helps to achieve the goal and what hinders, and thus to concentrate resources on the greatest opportunities, which will help achieve a competitive advantage.

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