My Name is Solomon.
Sharon Solomon.

Planning and managing quality B2B content pipelines is my passion.
Helping SaaS startups grow fast(er) is my mission.

SaaS Startups Need a Personalized Content and Social Media Strategy.

End-to-end content planning, execution, and monitoring are no longer optional tasks; nor is social media marketing. Exponential growth is now just a few clicks away.


Research your target audience and understand the latest market trends to create an unbiased and sharp content strategy for your business.


Execute the end-to-end content plan that includes SEO, thought leadership, and content distribution across all channels via social media.



Monitor and track your performance with the help of analytics tools and fine-tune your content plan for sustainable growth and added impact.

My Collaborations

Sharon Solomon

About Me

Seasoned online B2B marketing champion with over a decade of experience. I specialise in content marketing (blogs, websites, SEO, etc), social marketing, PR management, and translation projects. I have managed teams with writers, designers, and localization experts (in-house and freelancers). Comfortable in handling both inbound and outbound channels, which I believe MUST be nurtured together for solid lead generation and conversion.